Review of Warren Woods Health and Rehabilitation Center

1 Star User Review

This place needs more help, for as large as it is not enough of staff , to cover all the people elfishly.The midnight shift does a good job in rehab. The morning & after noon shift have a lot going on. Cleaning floors & rooms & breakfast is served. In the rooms & at the dining room. Food is mostly cold & very bland tasting. Needs meager upgrade in food menu,& the serving dining ware, they use. It must be 40 years old . Out of date. The rooms need a intercom system,& boards in the patients rooms that like the hospital have to tell who you are & your nurse & C A are for the day. Plus..What wrong with you in case you can't talk for yourself. The Light system for the call button is out of date,& not taken seriously on the day & afternoon shifts. Sadly the bathrooms need a upgrade big time .I say less bedrooms & better bathrooms are needed. PT. & OT rooms need better equipment ,with hot & cold packs ready to use, on site. There very cheap about ice. On how much is being used. Really.??? It used for healing & drinking & serving food also. So always have it ready. There not enough of help ,keeping the drink stations filled . To many patients per worker I seen. Very friendly staff but over worked.