Review of Warren Woods Health and Rehabilitation Center

1 Star User Review

My grandfather unfortunately had to go to Warren Woods Health and Rehabilitation Center after a short hospital stay for rehab, to help get him back on his feet to return home; worst mistake of our lives. The absence of care and communication among staff ultimately led to his death. He was only in WW for just under two weeks before having to go to the hospital for infection. It was there that they said he was severely dehydrated and malnourished, not to mention the UTI that had gone untreated for an insane amount of time. Shortly after being in the hospital he passed away. The staff is pretty much nonexistent, and they throw attitudes around like they have better things to do than care for your loved one (such as text or socialize). It reeked like urine and feces all throughout the place. I feel sorry for the patients that are still there. DO NOT TAKE YOUR LOVED ONE HERE!!