Review of Warren Woods Health and Rehabilitation Center

4 Star User Review

My Mother was a patient at Warren Woods for 3 very long months Until we were able to get her transfered to a better facility! The place is dirty, and smells of stale urine! The nursing staff is rude and they all walk around like zombies. They take over an hour to answer a call light! They kept saying they were giving her a shower, but she was always soiled and we had to bathe her! When we complained to the managers they stared at us like we were aliens and said they would look into it! There were middle aged men walking around who I learned later were patients there! They could walk into any room they wanted! No one monitored them! The physical therapy that my mom went there for to start walking again and get stronger consisted of someone coming in her room and moving her legs up and down! Their were a few nice nurses, but most of them acted bothered if you asked for help! Im sorry, but I thought that was their JOB! There is definetely no management system in place, everyone just passes the buck when you ask for help! Its like a free for all in there with elderly women and men and midle aged men who are patients there all mixed together! I did not feel safe leaving my Mother there at night! I dont know why they had middle aged male patients who could walk around in a nursing home? I will never step foot in that Rat Hole ever again! I could not get my Mother out fast enough! Dont ever send anyone you care for to that place.Staff has no compasion and treat the patients very poorly!