Review of Regency at Shelby Township

1 Star User Review

The facility is new. They don't lack staff in the office for BILLING, social workers or managers but they have little to no resources to care for your loved one. The nurses are clueless medicine dispensers that "write notes" to the doctor relative to medical concerns. The Dr. is AWOL. The PA visits clutching her IPhone, doesn't listen, pats the patient on the head and leaves? The Nurse's aides are lazy and lie to the family about the care provided, as though you are too dumb or blind to see the difference. The laundry facility washes clothes like a child…………everything gets thrown in together and dried to the enth degree and then delivered to the wrong patients. The Kitchen staff are the only ones that have a clue what the patient needs are. Oh and if you need a financial advisor, the social workers are waiting breathlessly, like used car salespeople, to help. This facility is a failure. If you care at all for your loved one, consider the local hotel vs. this pathetic excuse for care.