Review of Heartland Health Care Center-Three Rivers

5 Star User Review

Terrible facility. Our mother was there to recuperate, and thank goodness we were keeping a close watch on her. The nurse gave her 6xs the sleeping meds prescribed by her doctor & tried to take her off her oxygen, even though she could hardly breathe without it. (We have copies of the nurse's orders.) They tried to get my mother to sign papers as soon as one of us left the room. The director of the facility was quite inept as was the doctor who cared for her -- he didn't even know why she was there & kept asking me questions that he should have known. (My mother asked if he was a real doctor when he left the room.) The physical therapists were great, but we could not keep our mother there any longer for fear of her not ever coming home. This facility needs to be overhauled or shut down!