Review of The Lodge at Taylor

1 Star User Review

This facility has no phones in the rooms, my father was placed in a room with no side rails on the bed, a call light that didn't work (unfortunately we didn't find that out until the next day when he had to lay in bed all night trying to call out for help) and no way to turn on his overhead light. He was in severe respiratory distress by the time someone finally came in his room and when he asked for assistance to turn over because he couldn't breath he was told he needed to do it himself as she had other people to take care of. The air conditioning didn't work and they just had a dirty fan blowing on him. They have no water or ice dispenser so the workers just dig into an igloo cooler to scoop out some ice for the patients, that is if they ever get around to bringing any. We spoke to the director of nursing and got reassurance that this would never happen again but the next night was no better. They left a full bedside commode in his room all night and the next day until we discovered it and asked them to empty it. The nurse couldn't be bothered with that but she did spend a half hour looking for someone else to empty it. There are so many residents sitting outside smoking that we couldn't even take my father outside for fear that his oxygen would ignite. We moved him out of there ASAP. This place is shameful and I would never leave anyone there.