Review of Medilodge of Shoreline

1 Star User Review

I previously submitted a review regarding the Sterling Hts facility, but for some unknown reason it was never published!

I DO NOT recommend this place to anyone!!! In general, the staff was neglectful…it appears that they are trained how to ignore the patients when they are called for help. Of all the staff, I can honestly say that there was only two (2) aides that were empathetic and caring to my family member!

The food is awful! It is brought to one of the dining rooms from the kitchen, then served cold from serving trays to the residents at their table. If you have a family member here, bring them food from home!!!!

Personal hygiene is negected!

Seeing so many patients sitting in wheelchairs (many of them are given meds to make them sleepy and "quiet")…was disturbing.

I gave this facility only one (1) star, because there were no minuses that I could give!

Hopefully this helps someone to make an intelligent, informed decision on where to place their loved one!