Review of Lahser Hills Care Centre

1 Star User Review

Lahser Hill Nursing Centre looks great. I witnessed the make-over; new pictures and furniture. The staff fights among themselves. We have photos and videos of the residence not being monitored, not feed, asleep with their head in the food or on the table. Cameras were installed to watch the employees behavior.

Nurses have been fired for selling medication. The say the residence's have a right to fall, therefore they actually allow and do not try to prevent falling. A resident was allow to fall three times in one week. Also a lot of incidents are not documented, reported or are falsified.

Many residence are mistreated. We witnessed a nurse pouring a pitcher of iced water on a resident because he stuck his finger in the pitcher, and when he tried to hit her, she put up her fists in a boxing pose, telling him to "come on, that she would knock his ass out!" This is a place were residence stay at their own risk. The staff covers all mistakes and falsify records.

One of the doctor's are the owner's brother and he covers up everything, and signs the death certificate; even if the person dies at the hospital. Once your relative enters this facility, you cannot let them know that you will remove them because they will make it impossible for you to remove them. They will say they are so traumatized that they will die if you remove them.

Their bookkeeping is awful. My aunt was billed for surgery, which she never had and I always took her out to specialist, Therefore she should have never been billed for such. She was billed for a private room every month and there were no private rooms on her unit.

I witnessed a male resident; an ex-boxer beat a female resident in the face; and the staff falsified the records; Although, she sustained about 8 blows to her face and it was traumatized near her eye; her family was told that a female resident smacked her. Another incident was that we found a female resident bent over staying that her stomach her and she didn't feel good. We reported it to all the staff. This lady was sick for three days and she died after not receiving medical treatment. Proceed with caution when choosing a facility. I lost my relative and know many others that have in this facility.