Review of South Lyon Senior Care and Rehab Center, LLC

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If you want your loved on neglected, injured and unsupervised pick this jewel of a place. Lets also add, fabricators of fact to details when your parent has Been carelessly accessed after non supervision on their watch.

Mom has a black eye, and broken shoulder…we were told "she was perfectly fine…she had a Tylenol and just needed an old fashion baby sitter"

No medical attention until we got her to the hospital ourseleves.

Now the Big coverup begins………BEWARE…..they are more concerned about liability then caring for their residents.

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Yeah similar experience. Some of the Aides and nurses are really good and then, there are the "other" ones. You cannot leave your loved one in a nursing home and turn your back.

I have found that during my Mother's three week stay, the staff has been vey attentive to her care and have been very communicative with me on her progress.