Review of Advantage Living Center - Roseville

1 Star User Review

worst rehab services. Therapists don't have a time clock to enter when they start seeing patient. most of the therapists see more than one patient at a time. Charge individually as if treating a patient individually. This is a complete FRAUD billing. It should be billed under group treatment. We told that jerk Nirmal many times to correct these issues,. This asshole never bothered correcting these issues. He himself treat patients only after 4 pm. So that no one can see him treating any patient. we all know that he is an fraud administrator, clinician and waiting to go to jail anytime. This mofo Nirmal always talked to us as if he is doing a great job in healthcare field. But the truth of the matter is "greed" for power and greed or money. We reported to this asshole numerous times. We are surprised he still have a therapist license/ administrator license in Michigan to practice.