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The staff here is pathetic first off. Residents constantly call for help and none is given. When inspected they score better because they step up their game and act differently because their jobs depend on it. Food is a whole other story. I can gurentee a homeless bum can find better food in a days span. These seniors are giving all their income to this place, it is pathetic.

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Apparently you are a disgruntled employee. I have a family member there and have nothing but great service. Staff are friendly and I see a lot of changes going on with the staff and the facility. Maybe you should take a second look at magnum. I have had my family member in another facility yes it looked nicer but the care was terrible. Magnum care is like family, and as for the food they cook it from scratch. Come in and see the new staff and the improvements that they are making.

I would have to disagree completely, I choose MagnumCare of Monroe for my Mother who is very young to help her have rehabilitaion after a very serious surgery. I was there at all times from early in the morning and sometimes as late as 1am. I found the staff to be prompt, kind, understanding and very compassionate about my mothers condition. Between therapy and The very well trained Nursing staff my mothers wounds healed, she was walking in no time and back home with us in a weeks time. She felt very safe there and i would recommend them to anyone. Thank you MagnumCare of Monroe for your passion, hard work, smileing faces and dedication to healing and long term care. It takes special hearts.