Review of Cambridge East Healthcare Center

2 Star User Review

Had my mother at Cambridge East for a week because of insurance and availability problems. Got her moved to Georgian East in Grosse Pointe Woods after resolving insurance problems.

Although most of the nurses or CENA's do care and do try, the communication between all areas is almost non-existent. Contacting the social worker, the director, or anyone else is basically leaving a message a hoping somebody will return your call.

The amenities are also sub-par. There are no telephones or televisions in the rooms. I asked for one for my mother and they did bring up an older TV. But no cable, no extension cord, and no remote available for the television. They said maintenance would bring up these items, but after two days of waiting I got it working by bring in my own cable and extension cord.

Mom was placed in an old crank bed, so she couldn't even raise or lower her bed without help.

Rehab only happens once a day. Plus when we got approval for mom to move, we had to chase PT to get them to send over the PT notes. Then they said they sent them, but they didn't arrive. I called call again and got a snotty response from the director and had to sit on the phone and wait while they were faxed to ensure they made it.

The food is also sub-par and the dining/common area looks worse than a bar area of a fraternity after rush week.

Do not send any family members there if you really care about them unless like my wife and I had no choice.