Review of Argentine Care Center

1 Star User Review

Be wary of this facility as the administrator picks and chooses the " facility reportable incidents" (a well defined, accurate account of unfortunate facility events) that MUST be reported to the state of MI for review. Having heard the quote "I don't want the state in my building again, we are not reporting it", I would NOT send a loved one to this facility. Recently, the administrators own family member, a long time and respected employee of the company apparently resigned as a result of a serious matter being" overlooked" at a recent board meeting. This is so, so unfortunate as this facility HAD a long history of loving, open, honest, happy employees and residents with a great reputation…again, all before the unfortunate death of the former administrator, Will. The trickle effect down to the staff, at some point, absolutely affects residents. Before the turnover I would have recommended this facility to anyone, especially my family members, either to live there, do short term rehab or to work there.