Review of Regency at Lansing West

1 Star User Review

My mother spent 28 days at the Regency West of Lansing. For the most part the employees were good people. The facility is understaffed and not equipped very well to handle any patient that needs two people to move them to the bathroom or from a wheel chair to a bed. The aides should have some sort of communication device on their persons in order to communicate with each other instead of running around the complex looking for another person to help them to take care of a patient. The longest my mother had to wait to use the bathroom was 1 hour and 45 minutes after turning her light on. The staff had a habit of turning off the room call light before attending to my mother. At times it appeared they just forgot about her or didn't want to help her. I would turn the light back on and told her to do the same when no one was there with her. The physical therapy people were very nice and seemed to want to help. There were times that my mom couldn't go to therapy because she wasn't taken out of bed when the therapist showed up. Usually, the therapist would come back and get her later on. The machines that the nurses/aides used to take a patient's vital signs need to be calibrated or replaced. Very seldom would they work to take my mom's blood pressure and temperature. My mom now has home care and they have no problem getting her vital signs. The aides have too many patients and at times are in a hurry to move on to the next patient. My mother almost landed on the floor when two aides were moving her from her wheel chair to her bed because the head aide was in a hurry to go give another patient a shower. She ended up flopping barely on the bed on her back. Then I and the two aides had to lift and pull her up on the bed. The aides need to be trained on how to use the different slings/lifts. I watched them move my mother from the bathroom to her bed in a lift as my mother slowly slipped through the lift. Thank God they made it to the bed that time. If this is suppose to be one of the better rehabilitation centers than I feel sorry for anyone that is in one that is labeled worse. September 2017