Review of Huron Woods Nursing Center

5 Star User Review

The care and love given to all patients by the ENTIRE staff was more than I ever expected. When I brought mom in to Huron Woods at 5 PM for admission and found that she was addressed as a person, kept clean, touched her gently, brushed her hair (the hospital had left it matted and tangled, I had attempted to comb it) I was able to go to the hotel and collapse because I knew she was in a GOOD place. During the days my mom was there, they treated her with such dignity, such compassion, as a person, talked to her even though she was non verbal and at the end even as she was non-responsive and dying. I look at Huron Woods as a safe, wonderful place to be and ALL the staff, from the director to admitting to social worker to nurses to cooks to the maintenance people as the most loving and compassionate people in one place. They are a blessing.