Review of Borgess Gardens

1 Star User Review

My parent is recovering at Borgess Gardens. With two exceptions, the staff here are absolutely rude and seem to just not want to be bothered with patients needs. When my parent is handled, it is not with the gentle care that you would expect. It is with an attitude, impatience and indifference to the physical condition and capabilities of my parent. Most disturbing is that this is in my presence which really makes me wonder what happens when no one is there. This place seems to be understaffed as well. What this means to your loved one is that when they push the call button, it may take forever for someone to get around to them. We pushed the button five times at one point and observed two staff hanging out in the kitchen seemingly unaware. I don't know what is going on here but I can tell you I hope to get my parent recovered and out of this place. I feel it's an accident waiting to happen.