Review of Medilodge of Holland

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Some staff are caring while others are very rude. You can tell that it is driven finanicial for profit as you feel like you are not allowed to leave. I wouldnt recommend this to others. At times the atmopshere felt roudy, like the staff was out for a day at the park, playing around a lot versus taking care of patients---disappointed customer

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This place does need a major overhaul - who is in charge here?

I also saw that a lot of patients needed extensive care - and there was too

many patients like this - not enough staff to take care of all of these people.

Also check out the cost before going there - can you afford approximately

$7/$9/$13 thousand dollars a month for a place that doesn't have enough staff.

And some of the staff - if there is a problem - you will get attitude if you complain

about a problem. For the amount of money spent every month you should

receive excellent care - pay your staff a decent wage/benefits and you might

retain quality staff instead of having them look elsewhere. Who is making all

the money?