Review of Riverside Nursing Centre

1 Star User Review

The kitchen is filthy, look under the appliances and stoves. Since the main cook was fired, the food is now tasteless, not made to recipe, and very often cold. The storage areas are a joke! Total lack of labeling and dating items that have been received, as well as open items in the freezer and cooler not dated. The dish area has mold on the seal between the wall and dishwasher, mold on the seals of the refrigerator, and mold on the seals of the freezers. Not to mention the floors covered with debris under all appliances and counters. I would not bring my loved ones back. A few months ago, there were several falls. That's because the CENAS hang at the nurses stand while call lights are going off, and they leave choking risks alone in the dining room with food in front of them at meal times.