Review of Medilodge of Frankenmuth

1 Star User Review

This is far the worst home i have ever seen. My mom has been in several homes in the area over the past year due to a brain tumor. I would not recommend this home for your loved one! When we took the tour it appeared to me that they took one rooms and made it into two rooms over crowding the room leaving no room for family to visit comfortably. Well i guess at least they can make double the money (EPIC FAIL). There is no lower windows for the residents to look out. I notice that they hang out in front of the exit doors and the front entrance where you enter the building, that causes a lot of confusion when you first walk in. It just reminded me of a insane ward. The care also needs to improve tremendously! All it took was less then two weeks and we changed homes never to return. If you truly love that person don't send them here.