Review of Westlake Health Campus

5 Star User Review

This is the BEST FACILITY in the area! My dad was at Westlake for two weeks while he was in rehab and it was a wonderful experience for both him and our family. First, when you walk in the door, you feel like your at a fancy hotel, not a nursing home. The decor is beautiful! They have several areas where family members can gather and do activities or just talk. My children personally enjoyed the pool table and the putt putt golf while they visited with grandpa. Second, the food is out of this world! I would sometimes purchase meals to eat with my dad, and each one was fantastic. The menu options were very diverse and if you don't like what's on the menu, they fix you whatever you want. Third, I couldn't believe how FRIENDLY everyone was. When my dad needed something, the employees there were happy to help. The staff was genuinely concerned for my dad and you could tell by the way they tended his needs. He mentioned to me SEVERAL times what a NICE place he was in, and several visiting family members said the same thing. I would HIGHLY recommend Westlake!!!!!!!!!!!

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Nice looking facility but horrible physical therapy department. In 10 days my mom received therapy with a rubber band in her bed twice. They left her lying in bed all day and she contracted pneumonia form laying flat with a feeding tube. Threw her in the shower at 4:30 in the morning! Choose somewhere else.