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Do not take your loved one to this facility. Would rather give negative stars. Our mother is there and needs help with eating. It takes her about five full minutes to eat a pudding cup. Not the fastest but not exactly feeding tube worthy. They said they don't have time to feed her so they want to do a feeding tube for their convenience. We hired a private nurse to feed her out of our own pocket, but they will not let them do it because they are not 'certified'. Staff is rude to other patients. One woman came up to get an apple off the desk at the nurses station. (fruit is put there for anyone to take.) They yelled at her and told here to quit taking the apples. She said she liked to have them for here guests, and they said "You don't have ANY GUESTS" (Can you imagine?) Maybe she was just lonely - especially if she hasn't any guests!

Anyway - attentive care is not given, which is key to any recovery. I recommed you go elsewhere.

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Is this person still at westlake? I would like to contact you regarding similar issues with our loved one.