Review of Clinton Aire Healthcare Center

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Bad place to bring anyone, the administration was rude and loud, aides hanging around the nurses stations while there are people crying out and call lights on all over. Spoke with some staff who gave me the impression the company was terrible to work for and they couldnt wait to find new jobs. Not where i want to bring my mother!

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I would have to agree with the review above. I was given Cinton Aire as the only nursing home available that took my father's insurance that was available upon his immediate release from the hospital, and thank God he onlystayed there for a few hours before he had to return to the hospital because it smelled of urine in the front lobby and most areas of the entire place. So many residents were just sitting around unattended, and floors in most areas were not clean. I would NOT send anyone there, and I also spoke to a worker who said she was doing the job of three people, and that it was very unorganized. It's a very sad place.