Review of Clarkston Specialty Healthcare Center

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Horrible care. Even the basics are ignored or slacked off on and if you are not with your loved one at all times insisting on proper basic care they will not receive it . I would not recommend this facility to anyone. EVER. It broke my heart to leave my loved one at anytime.

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I'm suffering emotionally after my father passed away in this facility. My father did not have proper, adequate care for his illness and we requested that Amy Detloff director of nursing bring in a specialist. All of our requests were ignored. I could not even get a call back. I was ignored when we urgently begged for help. I set up the appointment myself and regretfully I was too late. When my father died, we did not receive any condolences from the administrative head of the facility including Amy Detloff. There was no Dr.Saloom, only his nurse was sent to treat. These people are going through the motions pretending they know what they are doing. They ARE NOT qualified to take care of tracheotomy and ventilator patients. The patients are drugged to lighten the work load. The ventilator equipment is old and outdated and malfunctioning. Before we could realize that this facility was so understaffed and uneducated we lost our father. SICK patients in this ward should always have round the clock care. I could go on and on….I have a hole in my heart.