Review of Father Murray Nursing and Rehabilitation Centre

1 Star User Review

My mother was sent here from the hospital bc it was the only place that had an opening-she did not have a 3 day medicare stay so her options were limited she left a good nursing facility to go to a group home but it did not work out and she was not able to get back into the old place-biggest mistake ever bc now she is in this hell hole. My mother is diabetic and is insulin dependent the nurse missed a dose bc she was busy and had no help, and they give it to her after she eats not before, her blood sugars have been close to 600 since she got there. She has been here a few weeks and they have barely gotten her out of her previous facility they got her up and dressed and in her wheelchair for the day at this place they have her in bed all day with a brief on. She is a large woman and has one side paralyzed due to stroke but she can transfer with help and the old facility always took her to the bathroom-this place just doesn't want to bother with her. She's only had about 2 showers in the three weeks she's been there. This place is a joke don't ever send your loved one here..Im def going to look into other places