Review of Care and Rehabilitation Center at Glacier Hills

1 Star User Review

If you report abuse you or your loved one will be banned. My Mother received care in the Care and Rehabilitation Center and on numerous occasions her oxygen was left off or not even turned on which could have caused her death. We attempted many times to work this out with the nurses and nurse managers. We finally reported them to the State after we overheard another resident saying her oxygen was not put on. Glacier Hills did receive a State citation and was suppose to be required to correct this situation. We also encountered an aide by the name of Diane who didn’t want to lift my Mother to bed or to a chair and instead threw her on multiple occasions. We did report this abuse to the Nurse Manager and it is my understanding she still works there. The PT and OT are excellent and that is the reason we wanted to return however, we have been banned. Glacier Hills Bill Hancock told me that they are unable to accommodate my Mother’s needs now and that they still are offering the same care that we were unhappy about. He was not able to offer any further information and kept repeating the above phrase. If this is true and your loved one needs oxygen and or transferring from a bed to chair beware!!!! This is very unethical behavior and Glacier should be able to receive constructive criticism without retaliation against their clients.