Review of Care and Rehabilitation Center at Glacier Hills

2 Star User Review

Glacier Hills is an extremely badly managed facility. My parent stayed there for rehabilitation and fell during a PT session: I was not notified; my parent was the one to inform me. The nursing staff is kind but completely overworked because the facility seems understaffed. Some of the aides (not the actual nursing staff) are a real problem: one of them was supposed to be supervising my parent taking a shower and instead made a call on her cell phone, taking care to position herself in my parent's room where she could not be seen by the monitors (because it is completely against regulations for aides to be on the phone while they are supervising people in the showers).

The food is terrible, no fresh vegetables, little fresh fruit. So if there is an issue with nutrition and weight loss, this is a dangerous place for you to be.

Finally, the facility seems to have billed Medicare for numerous physician consultations that never occurred. My parent saw an actual medical doctor in the facility maybe twice over two months there. Otherwise, care was entirely managed by PT, OT and PA's.