Review of Lenawee Medical Care Facility

3 Star User Review

The staff was wonderful to our father, he had a stroke in January and had difficulty speaking like he was out of breath,so he would take a deep breathe and yell…he had the nickname of "ole yeller"..the patients did not like it so they moved our dad to the Alzheimer's unit…he was there for 3days we suggested they give him something to calm him down instead of moving him (he had dementia) in 1.5 years he was moved 4 times, not good for a confused senior! They gave him something…we don't have a clue what it was he became sleepy and wanted to take a nap ever he never woke up..he passed away 7 days later…sound fishy?? You decide. The staff was wonderful to him and we are grateful, but when he was confused and noisy, move him, give him a pill, and he was gone and out of their hair….