Review of Worcester Rehabilitation & Health Care Center

1 Star User Review

I to was a patient brought in for rehabiliation. My family didnt know where to have me go and i said we could try. well it was absolutely the most horrible envirnment that i have ever been in. I did not get my meds for over ten hours and i i fell t rying to get to the bathroom for i couldnt get help. it took me six month to heal my leg I hurt in this place. No human being should ever be treated as I was there. It has changed my world for now i trust no place even a hospital and have tried really hard to get through this experience. please, if you have someone that needs help do whatever it takes to keep them out of this hole. when they took the hospital down they should have taken this buidling down and the staff are not on the up and up. i really cant say enough about this place. they herd people in that have next to no money and treat them worse than a farm animal is treated. close this plae down before something really goes wrong. horrible place