Review of Woodbriar Health Center

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i was very dissatisfied with my experience at Woodbriar. After trying to tell them for over a week that there were issues with my uncle that were not clear, they finally decided he should be checked out further at a hospital. MRI showed he had multiple strokes and he was also dehydrated. After leaving Woodbriar he improved immensely over the next few days. After a week I went to pick up his belongings from Woodbriar, because the director Camille told my family it would cost $400 a day to hold his bed. When I opened a box in front of the nurses (and i'm so glad I opened it there) I was stunned to see it was infested with ants. They tossed all his old food in the same box with his clothes. There was macaroni and meatballs, fruit, pastry, etc. All this food should've been thrown out instead of in a box with clothes for over a week. It was disgusting and completely careless on their part. I've also reported this to the Department of Public Health. I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone.