Review of Kindred Transitional Care & Rehab-Harrington

5 Star User Review

I had 2 stays at the harring house my1st was on 200 side I meet very good n I rses my daytime nurse was katlin she was very good to me made sure my wound was checked each day and the he d r essing was changed each morning around the sametime then she would give me my meds sometimes she wold make me laugh if dsshe wasn't so busy. Night time I had a nurse bye the name of fatima she also was awesome gave me my meds at the same time every night also the nurse aids where very good from making the bed to getting your meals my 2nd stay was on the 300 side I had a single room with a shower in it also had excellent nurses Christine was my daytime nurse she is a true professional I have a wound thats been a real pain in the neck but she took excellent care of me and my wound needless to say it was time for me to go home my wound is almost closed I took christine advice and my wound is almost closed I would also like to say pt and ota people where very good tanya don jen. And the food was very good I would like to say thankyou to collen she made my a niceday my family was in n.h on vacation both case workers amy and sandy are very nice people