Review of Wakefield Center

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This place is absolutely horrible. I would not send my worst enemy there. The residents are treated poorly, left on the toilets for hours, and call bells are not answered. The nurse's assistants are rude and speak to in their native language in front of families and residents. The conditions are bad. The halls smell of urine and feces and residents alarms go off with no answer. The nursing staff is rude and unable to answer simple questions. This facility should be shut down and the inhabitants should go somewhere where they can be cared for with dignity. DO NOT SEND YOUR LOVED ONES THERE!

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I couldn't agree more with this review. I am utterly amazed this place hasn't been shut down. The food at this facility is atrocious. Not just bland but really, really, bad food. Burned, cold, and very limited. It is terrible. The residents there are starving to death. They are all walking skeletons. I have toured many nursing homes. This one is by far the worst. One of the meals was listed as "steak and cheese sandwich". What the residents got was a grease filled, congealed, less than a tablespoon of shaved steak smeared on a hamburger bun. It was disgusting and disgraceful. All of the good nurses leave this place because they don't want to have any part of what goes on there. Residents walk around soiled thru their clothes and stinking. Aides and nurses see it and do nothing. If my parents weren't so sick, and I had the time, I would make it my personal crusade to get this place closed down.