Review of Blaire House of Tewksbury

5 Star User Review

I am so sorry to read what other people have written. This has not been my experience with the Assisted Living Facility side of this facility. The facility is broken up into 4 main areas, Assisted Living, Rehab, Nursing Home and Memory Impared unit. My Dad is in the Assisted living facility and I found it to be a wonderful place for my Dad. All summer there were weekly outdoor concerts, the food was pretty good and people there did seem happy to me. They had a dance part one night and my Dad was "the bell of the ball" as he put it. The director's own farther lived and past away in this facility and I think he shows a deep sense of caring. I think the room could be a little more frequently cleaned, but as soon as imentioned it, the situation improved. While I know this part of the facility it self pay and they realize there is competition out there, I also think it is a "gem" of a place. It was recommended to me by a friend who is a Visting Nurse and she said it was much better than most of these places. I think she is right.