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  • Franklin Health and Rehabilitation Center LLC Franklin, Massachusetts 02038

    My mom had an ICD (surgical placement of defibrillator /pacemaker) at St E's on a Monday and again Friday. After being in the hospital for the week she was weak and needed to go to a rehab facility for physical therapy to get her strength back as well as monitoring to make sure her arm was not over extended to dislodge the wires to her heart.

    As a registered nurse manager and hospital liaison nurse for a large (290 residents) DDS facility, I had frequently referred to Franklin Health for my patients who needed skilled nursing care/rehab post hospitalizations. So my first choice when discussing options with the St E's social worker for my mom was Medway Country Manor with Franklin House as a second.

    Within 1 day of the referral for my mom, I received a call from the admissions coordinator at MCM to discuss the care Mom would need as well as being invited to tour the facility at my convenience. However a bed was available at FH, and Mom wanted to be closer to her apartment in Franklin, so the St E's social worker made arrangements for Mom to go there the following Saturday.

    I never received a call from the admissions coordinator at Franklin Health prior to Mom's admission to discuss anything, nor did I receive a call from anyone at Franklin Health to let me know that she had arrived on Saturday afternoon.

    The main entry to Franklin Health is dark and dingy, not at all welcoming. On admission my Moms b/p was taken on her surgical site arm, and was done lifting her arm higher than was supposed to , putting her at risk for loosening one of the wires controlling her heart. On arrival to FH, the CNA told her to “get dressed and hang out”. She had had surgery the day before, but the pain med ordered by her doctor would not be available till 10pm that night from the pharmacy the facility used. Instead of calling the facility doctor and getting a different pain med that the facility had on hand, they let her suffer in pain till her meds were delivered late that night. She was told by the nurse at that time that if she needed pain meds, she was supposed to walk out to the nurses station and request it. She was told there was nothing they could do till her meds arrived. Her surgical incision was never checked or the dressing changed until the following Wednesday (5 days later!) and only after I made multiple calls and requested it be looked at as well as during her 72 hour facility meeting which I participated in by conference call.

    When her dressing was changed finally on Wednesday, it was done incorrectly per the pacemaker clinic nurse at Mom's cardiologists office , resulting in the remaining steri strips holding her wound together being removed when the dressing came off. Fortunately her incision was fairly well healed even tho the steri strips should have been on till they fell off.

    During the 72 hour meeting at Franklin House, the physical therapist working with Mom (Marie, she was terrific), said that mom had improved greatly with her ambulation. At the meeting I requested discharge back to her home as soon as possible that week with follow up visiting nurse and PT services. The FH social worker Susan Goodale told me she would call the VNA that afternoon. I requested copies of moms discharge papers from St E's and made arrangements to have my brother pick them up and drop off copies of moms health care proxy forms the following morning. I was told this would also be done.

    My brother went there the following morning and gave the HCP papers to the unit manager Pam, who said she would bring the discharge papers in a few minutes to him while he was visiting Mom. 45 minutes later and Pam never showed up. Rick went down to her office and was told she was in a meeting for another half hour or so. We have yet to recieve the paperwork.

    The next day I called to speak with the SW Karen,and she told me she didn't have time yesterday to call VNA and set up services, but that she would that day. she said she had had a Medicaid meeting that day, and that Mom was not ready for discharge as she was dizzy when walking. When I mentioned that at the 72 hour meeting less than 24 hours ago, was told Mom was not having any dizziness at all, then the SW said she didn't have her notes in front of her and her office was being moved, and she needed to look at her notes. I called back later in the afternoon, the SW had left, and when I checked with VNA myself, no referral had yet been called in.

    I called the VNA as well as Moms primary care and had VNA services set up for her myself. I then called the DOn at FH who was most helpful, and told her that I was arranging for moms discharge the following morning.

    Mom was on Coumadin ,a blood thinner and needs to have weekly lab work done to make sure the levels aren't too high which could make her bleed to death, or too low which could indicate a blood clot and also cause death. She was supposed to have the lab work done on the Tuesday after her admission to FH, it was never done, and when checked by her cardiologist the Friday after we had her discharged from FH, her level was life threatening low and required medication adjustments.

    The DON Karen was most helpful and had told me she would speak with the facility administrator about my concerns, and the errors of the facility with Moms admission. The administrator Michelle called me the next day and was quite rude and could have cared less about the major inadequacies demonstrated by the facility and staff staff towards my mom, and asked me "are you people capable of taking care of your mother at home?" She was more concerned about covering her butt because I was having my mom discharged than she was about the lack of care provided to my mom while under her care. She told me that I could not have my mom discharged from the facility!

    I have been a registered nurse for 32 years, having worked in nursing homes/rehab, hospitals and for the Comm of MA. In all my experience, I have never seen such a poorly run facility, with such disregard for the patients health and well being as well as family concerns/involvement.

    If you are looking for a rehab for your beloved family member or friend, do not even consider Franklin House Healthcare!

  • Newbridge on the Charles Skilled Nursing Facility Dedham, Massachusetts 02026

    I have had multiple issues while dining here in the past. It is downright disrespectful and embarrassing to witness how older residents are treated or should I say ignored here. The dining service needs a complete overhaul and should be taught manners in hospitality.

  • Clark House Nursing Center at Fox Hill Westwood, Massachusetts 02090

    I just returned home from the Clark House,Westwood,with a total hip replacement. I cannot say enough about my stay, the therapy was excellent. Every staff member from every department treated me with respect, and dignity, they were always pleasant ,and kind. I even enjoyed the meals that were served.The staff made a big difference in my recovery,Thank you all

  • Quincy Health and Rehabilitation Center LLC Quincy, Massachusetts 02169

    The staff at Kindred are all very kind, friendly, and nurturing; from the nurses to the administration,to CNAs (nursing assistants), to the housekeeping staff. Everyone greets you. I have had a wonderful experience at Kindred. When I first arrived I was so sick and weak I could barely get out of bed or dress myself. Now, thanks to a lot of hard work, encouragement and guidance for highly skilled therapists not only am once again dressing myself, I am well into my recovery and getting a little stronger every day. The social workers are also great, making sure that any equipment you might need, such as a walker, nebulizer, cane, etc. when you transition back home is ordered ahead of time. This has been a huge relief for me, personally, not to have to worry about such things. Family and friends are welcome but encouraged to visit patients whenever they can. If you are looking for a transitional care or rehab facility for your loved one Kindred is the best place to be. I highly recommend it and would even place my mom or dad here in such wonderful caring hands.

  • Alliance Health at Marina Bay Quincy, Massachusetts 02171

    Found Rehab staff(physical, occupational and speech were good at first!) After a few months, not as much care. Nurses aide were less than desired. Very little spoke English. Some were very caring, others not. Also agree with others food was terrible. Social worker was terrible, so ignorant and not helpful. I must say nurse manger was more than helpful… have to advocate for your love one!!!

  • Quincy Health and Rehabilitation Center LLC Quincy, Massachusetts 02169

    My Mother was admitted to Quincy Nursing Home on 07/20/2013 and I was out of the state. I called the E. D. Steve Elkins and spoke to him telling him I was out of the state. He reassured to me they would take good care of my mom. When I got back and saw her she was so happy. She has made to many friends. The staff is great with her from nursing to dietary. She is alsways smiling. Rehab dept. has been great with her. She loves her new home. Thanks Quincy Nursing Home.

  • Walpole Healthcare Walpole, Massachusetts 02081

    I had 2 stays at the harring house my1st was on 200 side I meet very good n I rses my daytime nurse was katlin she was very good to me made sure my wound was checked each day and the he d r essing was changed each morning around the sametime then she would give me my meds sometimes she wold make me laugh if dsshe wasn't so busy. Night time I had a nurse bye the name of fatima she also was awesome gave me my meds at the same time every night also the nurse aids where very good from making the bed to getting your meals my 2nd stay was on the 300 side I had a single room with a shower in it also had excellent nurses Christine was my daytime nurse she is a true professional I have a wound thats been a real pain in the neck but she took excellent care of me and my wound needless to say it was time for me to go home my wound is almost closed I took christine advice and my wound is almost closed I would also like to say pt and ota people where very good tanya don jen. And the food was very good I would like to say thankyou to collen she made my a niceday my family was in n.h on vacation both case workers amy and sandy are very nice people

  • Alliance Health at Marina Bay Quincy, Massachusetts 02171

    I would not give the nursing care any stars. There is absolutely no monitoring or assessments being done by the nurses. It was a constant battle to get any of the nursing care my mother needed done. It was almost daily phonecalls to a unit manager and nursing director to have any of our concerns addressed. My mother went 3 days without eating due to nausea and nobody was aware of this. Her leg edema that was well controlled prior to her stay became totally out of control. On my last visit there I had to bring to the attention of the nurses that one of my mother's legs was much more swollen than the other. She is now in the hospital AGAIN being treated for a severe leg cellulitis that went totally unchecked. The only good thing that would ever come out of this experience would be if I could convince anyone reading this review to PLEASE look elsewhere.

  • Braintree Manor Healthcare Braintree, Massachusetts 02184

    I am a relative of a resident and have recently become familiar with Kindred Nursing and Rehabilitation Braintree and find it to be positively delightful.

    The care given to residents is professional and personal. All staff I have encountered are knowledgeable, friendly and caring.

    I recently came from a family meeting with the staff. They explained the plan, the reason for the evaluation and welcomed questions and were forthcoming with their answers.

    Residents are treated with dignity, checked on often and made to feel important and useful. A wonderful combination.

    Thank you for all you have done and all you plan for the future.

    Marie Proctor

  • Quincy Health and Rehabilitation Center LLC Quincy, Massachusetts 02169

    i would like to take this time to thank the staff at Kindred-Quincy for the great care my grandfather received during his stay there. You kept him comfortable, pain free our lives have changed since his passing. We will miss him so much. It brought such comfort to know that he was given such excellent care. My family would recommend Kindred-Quincy to anyone who needed to place their loved one in a nursing home such as Quincy.

  • Newbridge on the Charles Skilled Nursing Facility Dedham, Massachusetts 02026

    I give new bridge a very mixed review, the place is beautiful and new and all private rooms for rehab patients but there are some real big problems:

    1. the first is that there is not a dining room and or any way for patients to interact so it is quite lonely, there are common rooms but they are not used.

    2. second the medical care is plus minus, doctors from Hebrew Center cover the place but they are only there once a week and rely on the nurse practitioners and they missed a lot for my parent.

    3. Some of the nurses are terrific, the night shift is a problem….

  • Alliance Health at Marina Bay Quincy, Massachusetts 02171

    If I could give no stars I would….Staff is neglectful of their pts and intimidates and bully family members…Very bad experience for us…I feel bad for the patients that have no family support and are at the mercy of this system…Social worker is judgemental and past administration not good..Very few nursing assistance speak clear english and are very rough physically and verbally with the patients…Very sad.

  • Walpole Healthcare Walpole, Massachusetts 02081

    Rehab care was excellent. Nurses were friendly and professional. Room and bed were comfortable. Personal TV's were very user friendly. Food was excellent. PT was very helpful. A very comfortable transition from hospital to home. I would definitely want to go back there if rehab was every necessary again.

  • Newbridge on the Charles Skilled Nursing Facility Dedham, Massachusetts 02026

    My mom has been living at New Bridge long term care faculty since May 2012 and we are very impressed with their quality of care. The nurses and the nursing assistants have been very kind to my mom and the activities offered are impressive. The facility itself is beautiful and clean. I would highly recommend New Bridge to anyone who wants their parents/loved ones to have the best experience possible at a long care facility.

  • Royal Braintree Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Braintree, Massachusetts 02184

    Website/brochure a bit deceiving. Shows their premier 10 "Terrace" single-room suites for short-term care, which are very nice. Not a word about rest of facility, which is essentially 2-person rooms & [some] share very small half-bath between 4 people. Facility is quite clean indoors & out. Outdoor garden terrace lovely in good weather. Lots of windows, most rooms cheery during daylight. Excellent therapy room, modern equipment, knowledgeable in-house, motivated staff. Wide variety of daily activities, something for everyone, no matter their infirmity.

    In-house hairdresser (very reasonable, separate charge); can arrange to bill family directly. Main dining room is pleasant; doubles as activity room. Whole facility could use more hand sanitizer dispensers & keeping refilled is an issue. No sanitizers appear to be at the proper level for patients to use.

    Except for comments about food, all the following refer to patient rooms other than those on Terrace level.

    Telephone & cable TV (limited channels, reception varies) separate charge for each. Individual TV sets in rooms on small side & can be hard to see from bed due to how furniture is arranged. Can be hard to hear if both patients watching two different channels at same time. Paper channel guide needs to be in much larger font & on heavier paper; cleaning personnel keep throwing them away in error. Maintenance staff can be slow with issues such as non-working patient phones/TV's.

    In-house laundry service is fast, good but make sure all items are labeled with name. Socks & underwear sometimes disappear.

    Most management personnel very pleasant & helpful. Nurses & CNA staff reasonably well trained but lack communications between shifts & with management; weekends can be confusing when "regular" staff is off duty. Some get defensive when questioned by patient's family. CNA's can become overwhelmed during busy times (first thing in AM & at meal times). Staff can occasionally become short-tempered, harried & dismissive with patients when very busy.

    Some patient rooms much smaller than others; bulky furniture, wheelchairs, walkers, oxygen, make for crowded rooms. Could use additional electrical outlets in patient rooms (for cellphone chargers, portable fans, etc). Bulletin boards way too high for someone in wheelchair. Patient bathrooms could use more/better safety bars & wastebaskets that do not require foot pedal to operate. Paper towel dispensers too high. Patient rooms & bathrooms very clean. Shower areas could use some updating & additional safety bars/rails.

    Patient call button & remote to adjust bed frequently left where patient cannot reach or get tangled up in bedding/bedframe. In most rooms patient cannot easily reach light switches from bed.

    Food. At best reminds me of junior high: uninspired, repetitive, bland. Big meal is at noon. Even if one eats in main dining room, food can be luke warm to ice cold. (Main dining room not open for all meals.) Soup usually quite good, if warm, but occasionally salty. Portions sometimes terribly small; no seconds offered. Very little fresh fruit (occasional half banana with breakfast is about it) offered. Salads almost non-existent. Food (primarily protein) frequently overcooked, dried out. Lunch & dinner menu posted daily (sometimes) but not always what's served. Cold sandwiches, frequent stale bread. Almost never have lettuce, tomato, no condiments ever offered. Burgers & hotdogs, same issue plus burgers are usually dried out. Grilled cheese, soggy, cold. Desert can be litterally 2 Tablespoons of pudding or 1 X 1 1/2" square of cake. Beef stew can have one lowly piece of meat.

    If a patient is hungry or wants a snack in between meals or after dinner, forget it. Next to nothing is available sans packages of Saltines (salted), sometimes graham crackers and/or stale store-bought bargain-brand cookies. Frequently run out of diet beverages & ice is scarce, especially in evening. Dixie cups occasionally offered for desert but contain sugar; diabetics rarely offered sugar-free thus get no desert. Patients suffering dry mouth unfortunately have no selections, no popsicles, jello, pudding, etc .stored in refrigerator for times when kitchen is closed. Strongly suggest patient bring own large covered cup or water bottle (label w/name) as biggest glasses for water appear to be about 4 oz, hardly enough to keep one properly hydrated. If patient likes an evening snack, suggest bringing in own items [nothing that needs refrigerating].

    I have been in most sections of this facility except dementia & Russina units; cannot comment on either of them.

  • Braintree Manor Healthcare Braintree, Massachusetts 02184

    My mother was a resident of Braintree Manor/Kindred Nursing and Rehabilitation-Braintree for many years. My mother had dementia and when I had to put her into a nursing home I was very concerned for how safe she would be and what type of care she would receive. While there might have been a few times soap ran out in the bathroom or the closet doors did not close I always felt she was safe. As my mother's dementia progressed so did the care she received. I found the staff to be very caring and protective of my mother. I felt very close to many of the staff members and I am sure they mourned with me when my mother died. You should always remember that you need to do your part and always visit and check up on your loved one. You are their best advocate. If you are looking for a fancy place with bells and whistles, Kindred Nursing and Rehabilitation - Braintree is not for you but if you want a place that is clean, safe, and has many excellent caregivers then Kindred in Braintree is worth considering for your loved one.

  • Braintree Manor Healthcare Braintree, Massachusetts 02184

    My son was critically injured when hit by a car mid-January, 2012. He suffered a traumatic brain injury as well as other fractures and spent several months in an acute care hospital, unable to be transferred because he had no insurance. When he did get Medicaid, it was difficult to find a nursing and/or rehab facility that would accept him. He was either too young (he’s now 44), they didn’t accept Medicaid patients, or they didn’t accept brain injury patients.

    The most important thing, I realized when I took him to Kindred, was that he was finally in the right place and would get the care he needed and had been deprived of all those months in a hospital ill-equipped to handle a brain injury patient.

    The staff at Kindred is caring and concerned, committed to doing their best for each patient. It feels good just to be around people like that and I’m sure that it has helped my son. Kindred Nursing and Rehabilitation has a program that is highly structured and it is exactly what my son needs to recover. It is such a relief to me mentally and spiritually that he is in the right hands.

  • Walpole Healthcare Walpole, Massachusetts 02081

    My mother was in the care home from Jan to Aug 2012 due to suffering a massive stroke in Dec 2011. She required nursing home care and therapy. The Harrington House provided her needs and more. The Nurses, Nurse aids, Therapists were attentive and did their job well. Mom progressed as well as she could, due to the therapy and the care she received. The Nurses and Nurses Aids, were attentive to the residents and their needs. We were able to celebrate her 91st Birthday with her newly made resident friends and the help of the staff.

    They have an outstanding activity program with a variety of programs and activities that is provided for the residents. The dining room has a beautiful atmosphere and the menu has a variety. The home is well maintained and beautifully landscaped with walks to take.

  • Dedham Healthcare Dedham, Massachusetts 02026

    My father had dementia and went to the Center to rehab for physical therapy so he could walk with the aid of a walker. He received physical therapy for only a few days, before the therapists gave up on him and confined him to a wheelchair. The staff would sometimes not bring him his meal, because they felt he was too tired to eat. The place was very clean and looked like a hotel insides, but I was not happy with the care he was given, and arranged to him to be transferred to another long-care facility.

  • Alliance Health at Marina Bay Quincy, Massachusetts 02171

    my dad was there for 3 months during that time they did not address his pain that was reported on at least 3 occasions by his family. we had to take our father and have test done which showed shoulder injuiries. Aagin my father complained of back pain they gave him tylenol for ten days and did not rule out injury. on the day he was discharged he could barley walk the discharge nurse told him he could take ultram for his pain. my dad was rushed to the hospital with 2 ruptured disk and partial paralysis. the administrators here are horrible and should be charged with neglect of an elder.