Review of Brush Hill Care Center

1 Star User Review

I am a Registered Nurse who worked at Brush Hill Care Center for a short period of time in 2018, but it was enough time to observe what this facility is about and to give a review. Please do not take any of your loved ones or people that you care about to this facility. Look at the findings of the Department of Public Health before making any decisions to use Brush Hill Care Center. Units and patient rooms are very dirty and the patients themselves are not cared for properly. The aides work very hard but there are not enough of them, so therefore patient care especially hygiene is lacking. There were sometimes just two aides for forty patients. There is a quick turnover of staff especially for the nurses, no consistency, mostly agency nurses. A lack of consistent staff at all levels. I could say much more but hopefully this is enough for people to make the right decision for their loved ones.