Review of Milford Center

2 Star User Review

Although the staff is for the most part caring and attentive, the management of the facility is in need of improvement, to say the least. The communication between departments as well as the communication with patient relatives is almost non-existent. My father was here for nine months prior to his passing. In that time, his clothes went missing, his wedding bands went missing and he was assaulted by another patient. The staffing levels, especially on weekends is insufficient. The meals are repetitive - the same food served time and again and usually cold. Care for non-emergency medical issues that occur is slow, with patients having to wait for scheduled doctor visits. The only thing that seems to happen with strict regularity is the collecting of fees. On one occasion, I received a call from their corporate accounts receivable department to remind me to pay the bill - one day after I received my statement in the mail! Although the staff earn high marks for their performance, I would not recommend this facility to anyone.