Review of Royal of Cotuit

2 Star User Review

Also a very negative experience with social worker, incompetent and rude. Food is not good they don't provide enough rehab and the environment is poor, smelly, broken furniture, and this was the rehab side! Can't imagine what the nursing side is like. What I don't get is how hard is it to take better care of the elderly? My relative has had several stays at many rehabs so I feel like I'm a good judge. I have had relatives stay at the other Royal facilities and they are a bit better, but it's incredible to me that this social worker keeps her job! I'm an advocate for my elderly family members, what about all those poor elders that don't have anyone fighting for them? Scary, don't send your loved one here if you can help it. On a positive note, the rehab and direct care staff were pleasant and competent and sweet to the residents.