Review of Royal of Cotuit

2 Star User Review

I had the occasion to contact the head social worker names Susan Goche. My brother Lee Rendell, who is a resident of Royal of Cotuit, was accepter at a apartment complex after a 4 year wait. He initially declined the apartment because he broke his hip a week before he got accepted at the apartment and was reluctant to move…I spoke to the person in head of the apartment complex and explained his situation..She graciously offered to let my brother move in in 1-3 months as long as he signed a paper saying he would accept or call the head office which is in N.H. He couldn't call because their phone lines don't go to NH…I called Susan Goche and explained in a voice mail that I wanted her to phone for Mr. Rendell and help him sign the forms which were extensive. I was given a deadline to get in touch with the apartment people which was Wednesday Feb. 11, 2015…I called Susan Goche on Friday Feb. 6th and left a message in her voice mail describing the situation fully..I also called again on Monday the 9th and again explained that she needed to call before Wednesday, Feb. 11, 2015..It is now Thursday the 12th of Feb. and she has NOT YET contacted myself or my brother and he now has to wait 5-7 years to get back in an apartment…EXTREMELY poor handling of this situation by Ms. Goche. By the way, the apartment complex is in Dennis and the owners are in NH, where the paperwork was to be sent.