Review of Wingate at Haverhill Rehab & Skilled Nursing Resid

2 Star User Review

They don't even practice basic hygiene. During cold and flu season, I saw lots of nurses and aides coughing and sneezing into their bare hands then not washing them. I see them go from patient to patient without washing their hands. They don't give the patients enough fluids. They are not allowed to put pitchers of water in the patients' rooms in the dementia unit. Supposedly they said they would bring around a cart at regular times during the day to offer fluids, but it is VERY inconsistent. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't. The LPNs seemed to lack basic medical knowledge. They say they have enough staff, but it doesn't appear that way. The food is horrendous, and the portions are pitiful, even for a senior citizen. The regional director of food services told some of us family members that they spend only $1.70 per meal per patient! I have personally witness three patients fall because the staff wasn't paying attention. Also, they can't seem to keep the social workers (with the exception of one) and directors of nurses. I've seen more than a few come and go in the past few years.