Review of Brentwood Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center (The)

4 Star User Review

I credit this facility with saving my mother's life. I have been to and personally experienced several nursing homes in the area. No nursing home is perfect but this one is on top of their game. The people at this facility do their jobs (which is more than I can say for some other places). The food is served hot and seems to be very appetizing. Again, really can't say that about most places I have experienced. They do not neglect their patients. Whenever I have had an issue they have addressed it immediately and courteously. Bottom line, my mother was on a fast downward spiral at the last nursing home she was in. She was losing weight, was gaunt, and overmedicated. Since coming to Radius she has gained approximately 10 lbs, which is wonderful for someone who is in the depths of dementia related illness. She is kept clean and is treated respectfully, and with compassion. They discontinued some of her "aggression" meds. She is not overmedicated anymore. She is alert and is in the best shape she can be for the illness she has. I have thanked God I found this place when I did. Also their laundry services are the best I've seen as well. They do not lose or ruin the clothes. Radius has given me peace of mind. It's where I'd want to go if I had to go to a nursing home.