Review of Walden Health and Rehabilitation Center LLC

5 Star User Review

My stay here was very good. Pt @ Ot were wonderful helping me get strong after fracturing my hip. work worked with me everyday, witch I really appreciated.

The Nurses @ Nurses Aides always with a smile were here for my needs. Delivered meals always offered to help open items. Made sure I got to the restroom safely @ more. They are all kind @ caring. made my stay a nice one.

Your kitchen staff provides a wide verity of food. They are very kind if you do not care of the main dish you have another choice. The food is always tasty.. The meats are always tender, the tuna, seafood salad @ egg salad always have enough mayonnaise to make them taste great. They do a terrific job.

Maintanence @ Housekeeping everything clean and shinny. I see them working hard everyday. They always take a moment to say Hi on the way by..

When I go to PT I say Hi to the laundry staff. they say Hi with smile. I would feel overwhelmed. They keep up with it so well.. There are always plenty of clean towels @ face clothes.

Please thank everyone for everything.

There was one thing. there were some issues with my medication. But I do not need pain medication now. So I'll just will let go. I am in great shape to go home @ that is the important part of my stay.

I forgot to mention Greg made admissions easy. He was friendly and professional. I was here with my bother about a month before touring for my mother, it was very inviting..