Review of Eastpointe Rehab Center

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Some may say the previous reviews are hard to believe. But, they are so true. I currently have three elder family members that have been there, each for different periods of time. If I had any say or control in their matters, I would have them transferred elsewhere. I have dealt with numerous staff and can't express the amount of disgust I feel for them. They obviously do not put themselves in the shoes of the patients/residents' family members. There is quite a lack of personality, training and medical knowledge. I have asked numerous questions that could not be answered by the staff at Eastpointe (that should've been answered due to the fact that they were Eastpointe-specific questions). The facility constantly smells of urine and the floors are always sticky. The ice and water comment is very true. I don't believe the cooler the ice is kept in has ever been cleaned, nevermind sanitized. I doubt that facility even knows the meaning to sanitary. I have never seen a maintenance person with a mop in all of the about 20 or so times I've been there to visit. I can go on forever with a laundry list of things I've seen and experienced. Good luck to any one who has family or friend(s) at Eastpointe and visit them as much as possible. They are alone otherwise.