Review of Kindred Nursing and Rehabilitation-Braintree

5 Star User Review

My son was critically injured when hit by a car mid-January, 2012. He suffered a traumatic brain injury as well as other fractures and spent several months in an acute care hospital, unable to be transferred because he had no insurance. When he did get Medicaid, it was difficult to find a nursing and/or rehab facility that would accept him. He was either too young (he’s now 44), they didn’t accept Medicaid patients, or they didn’t accept brain injury patients.

The most important thing, I realized when I took him to Kindred, was that he was finally in the right place and would get the care he needed and had been deprived of all those months in a hospital ill-equipped to handle a brain injury patient.

The staff at Kindred is caring and concerned, committed to doing their best for each patient. It feels good just to be around people like that and I’m sure that it has helped my son. Kindred Nursing and Rehabilitation has a program that is highly structured and it is exactly what my son needs to recover. It is such a relief to me mentally and spiritually that he is in the right hands.