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  • Royal of Cotuit Mashpee, Massachusetts 02649

    Perhaps the last two reviews were under old management and staff but I have only good things to say about the staff at Royal of Cotuit.

    Choosing a nursing home for a loved one, as you know, can be a difficult, stressful and heartbreaking task. Having to do it for my father, and knowing it would be his final place of rest, was depressing, overwhelming and very last minute as we learned his lung cancer was advanced and he needed to be under 24-hour care immediately. Right after choosing The Royal of Cotuit we remained unsure of whether or not we made the right decision even though our initial tour was caring and encouraging and we had no complaints about the facility. But entrusting strangers to be caregivers for our loved one was a scary thing to some degree especially when his needs were 24/7, challenging and intimate at times.

    Now, after his passing, we can share that we couldn’t be happier or any more pleased than we are with the care the staff at Royal of Cotuit gave my father, and my family, during his time there. Everyone was so very caring, comforting, concerned, empathetic and just had a determination to get my dad in the best state of health and comfort that was possible for him and his situation. Knowing he only had weeks left, we wanted to be sure that he was surrounded by caregivers who provided nothing but the best. Everybody was professional, kind, friendly and just showed signs of wanting to do their job and do it well. We are truly grateful for everything they did for him including how they tried different ways to get him to eat and drink with his dsyphagia. Although attempts to get him to eat or do therapy were refused at times, I know he was content there and each staff member made him smile at some point. It should also be mentioned that the meals provided to the patients are delicious. While visiting and on his last day we were allowed to eat with my Dad and the food tasted so good that my brother had seconds one day. It’s nice to know their food options are great.

    The staff also consoled and took the time to help my mother, as well as my brother and myself, with any questions or concerns we had including everyone from the office and housekeeping to the nurses and therapists. Their patience, compassion and support did not go unnoticed for her and our family.

    All the staff members have such an important role in the care of our elderly and some of those jobs, although critical, can be unflattering. I’m sure they do not get the thanks and praise that they are so deserving of for all they do. It is my intent in this review to let others know that my family appreciates all they did for my father. They did such a fantastic job taking care of my father, and always with empathy and a smile, that we never felt the need to call in hospice care. My father had stage 4 lung cancer; most people would call in hospice but we never felt we needed to. The staff alone at RC made my father as comfortable as could be as well as our family.

    If anyone out there is considering the Royal of Cotuit for their loved one, I can tell you they do a great job.

  • Royal of Cotuit Mashpee, Massachusetts 02649

    Also a very negative experience with social worker, incompetent and rude. Food is not good they don't provide enough rehab and the environment is poor, smelly, broken furniture, and this was the rehab side! Can't imagine what the nursing side is like. What I don't get is how hard is it to take better care of the elderly? My relative has had several stays at many rehabs so I feel like I'm a good judge. I have had relatives stay at the other Royal facilities and they are a bit better, but it's incredible to me that this social worker keeps her job! I'm an advocate for my elderly family members, what about all those poor elders that don't have anyone fighting for them? Scary, don't send your loved one here if you can help it. On a positive note, the rehab and direct care staff were pleasant and competent and sweet to the residents.

  • Royal of Cotuit Mashpee, Massachusetts 02649

    I had the occasion to contact the head social worker names Susan Goche. My brother Lee Rendell, who is a resident of Royal of Cotuit, was accepter at a apartment complex after a 4 year wait. He initially declined the apartment because he broke his hip a week before he got accepted at the apartment and was reluctant to move…I spoke to the person in head of the apartment complex and explained his situation..She graciously offered to let my brother move in in 1-3 months as long as he signed a paper saying he would accept or call the head office which is in N.H. He couldn't call because their phone lines don't go to NH…I called Susan Goche and explained in a voice mail that I wanted her to phone for Mr. Rendell and help him sign the forms which were extensive. I was given a deadline to get in touch with the apartment people which was Wednesday Feb. 11, 2015…I called Susan Goche on Friday Feb. 6th and left a message in her voice mail describing the situation fully..I also called again on Monday the 9th and again explained that she needed to call before Wednesday, Feb. 11, 2015..It is now Thursday the 12th of Feb. and she has NOT YET contacted myself or my brother and he now has to wait 5-7 years to get back in an apartment…EXTREMELY poor handling of this situation by Ms. Goche. By the way, the apartment complex is in Dennis and the owners are in NH, where the paperwork was to be sent.

  • South Dennis Healthcare South Dennis, Massachusetts 02660

    The staff at Eagle Pond have been very nice, I think they work hard because I always see them running around. The therapy staff did a nice job helping me although sometimes my therapy was too early in the morning. I liked my roommate very much and was sad to see her go but the rest of my time was nice becuse I had the room to myself. I don't sleep at night so it was nice to be able to get up and go to the dining/lounge area on the floor and watch television and have tea.

  • South Dennis Healthcare South Dennis, Massachusetts 02660

    My mother has been a resident of this facility for 2 years. Overall I have been very satisfied with her care. The units are exceptionally clean, the staff, hard working. She was initially in the rehab unit which out of necessity is staffed very well. The long term care unit is not staffed as well, but is adequate most of the time. Staff members go above and beyond their caregiving duties, giving that extra personal touch.

    I wish there was a little more diversity with the activity program although in general it is adequate.

    Televisions in each room often malfunction and this has been a problem since my mother has been there.

    I am familiar with other facilities on Cape Cod and this one in my opinion is in the top 4.

  • South Dennis Healthcare South Dennis, Massachusetts 02660

    My mother has been a resident here in the Hewins Unit for 6 years now and the care she recieves is great. The staff is kind and caring to my mom and to myself. The activities that are offered are wonderful. I visit every day and enjoy my time with her. There are new bathrooms on the unit and they look beautiful.

    Thank you for taking such good care of her


    Susan Finn

  • South Dennis Healthcare South Dennis, Massachusetts 02660

    My mother is a resident on the Hewins Unit and I have to say that the staff on the unit are exceptional, kind and caring not only for my mother but for my father who visits often. I feel that the food is getting better in regards to the choices and quality. I was in recently and saw the new bathrooms and they are beautiful. I have spoken to the administrator who assured me that a new activities director would be hired soon for the unit, I believe that this would be a great benefit for the residents. I was told today during this survery that one has been hired and I am happy to hear this. I work in the dementia care field and I have to say that I am hard pressed to find another facility with the high quality of care that I have experienced at Eagle Pond.

    Thank you for taking such great care of my mom.


    Margaret Whalen

  • South Dennis Healthcare South Dennis, Massachusetts 02660

    I have to say that my overall stay was very good. The nursing and rehab were great. I would come here again but I think if there is a next time I will bring some of my own seasonings. I have a specific diet and the food was pretty bland but the meals were always hot and there was a variety of choice which made it a bit easier. I did have a really nice room with a nice view. Although I did have a bit of a rough start the staff went out of there way to resolve any of my issues.

  • South Dennis Healthcare South Dennis, Massachusetts 02660

    I am going home tomorrow and I do have to say that I was happy with the level of care and the level of kindness that I was given. I have special needs and a high number of requirements that needed to be met due to my condition and I must say that all of them were met. The staff understood and were very kind. The therapists were also kind, I do wish that I had the same schedule every day instead of a different time each day.

  • South Dennis Healthcare South Dennis, Massachusetts 02660

    I will be going home by the end of the week and I just wnat to say thank you for my care. The staff were friendly but always very busy. I will say that the food was pretty good considering, its not my wife's home cooking but all the same it was ok. I do have to say that the noise level at night was a bit loud. I know that they are all trying to do there jobs but I think they should be a little bit more considerate of the patients at night. The therapy department did have a schedule at the desk which was nice but I think it should be put in the room somewhere before the next day. The building was clean and the fish pond was nice to sit by.

  • South Dennis Healthcare South Dennis, Massachusetts 02660

    I am going home today and I have to say that in the begining it was a rough start due to all of my medical problems but as time went on it seemed to get better. I wasnt too interested in the activites because they were more for people who are here for a long time or who live here. A game room with a pool table would be nice. The only suggestion I would make is that if the therapy people would have a more set schedule each day or if they could let the people know on a weekly basis when they are going to be seen, It was kind of frustrating not knowing when they were coming but it was a busy place. I think the staff are all very nice but they do get a bit loud at night and on the weekends. I am doing much better and I guess I just want to say thanks overall it was a nice stay and the food was good too. Thanks again.

  • South Dennis Healthcare South Dennis, Massachusetts 02660

    I had a very nice time here even though I was not here for very long. The staff were all nice and my room was lovely. I think the people that do the rehab are very knowledgeable about how to help people and help them go home. The food was good and there were so many choices I had my daughter help me with my menu.

    Thank you again

  • South Dennis Healthcare South Dennis, Massachusetts 02660

    I was apatient here last year and everyone was so very nice. When I discovered that I need to have heart surgery I called Eagle Pond to see if they had a cardiac program that I could do with my rehab. I was happy to find out that they do and everyone from nursing, to rehab, to dietary and the aides have all taken wonderful care of me. The care at Eagle Pond was the same quality and high level as I found at the Boston hospitals. I appreciated they way the nurses and aides took the time to talk to me and explain my medication and my care. They also made sure I had a part in my care and the case manager was very nice and made sure I understood everything and had everything I needed at home. The nursing aides work very hard. I could not ask for better care.

  • South Dennis Healthcare South Dennis, Massachusetts 02660

    I came to your facility for some therapy after my surgery and I was happy to find such a nice staff. The therapy staff were helpful and kind. The nurses who worked on the floor were very busy but I always got my medicine when I was supossed to. The aides did a nice job helping me with my shower and making my room neat.

    Thank you everyone for ataking care of me and helping me get home.

  • South Dennis Healthcare South Dennis, Massachusetts 02660

    I came for rehab after my surgery, the therapists have been nice, they work you hard to help you to get better. The nurses and aides also were helpful, they taught me safe ways to take care of myself while i was here. The food was good but I like my wife's cooking better. Thank you for taking care of me.

  • Wingate at Harwich Harwich, Massachusetts 02645

    This place was very unsatisfactory.

    My mom fell the first night and it took forever to get an X-ray.

    Her medication was administered at the wrong time -- at 4 p.m. and 8 p.m.

    Staff left her in a wheelchair when she was supposed to be in walker and my instructions --- her care plan -- were often ignored.

    The weekday staff did not seem to communicate with the weekend staff; the room was bare-bones and the place wasn't very clean.

    That said, the activities director, the PT and the admissions director were very helpful and professional.

    I would not recommend this faciltiy to anyone whose loved one has dementia or memory issues.

    Linda Borg.

  • Royal Cape Cod Nursing & Rehabilitation Center Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts 02532

    This is the worst nursing home ever. No supervision on 11-7 shift. My husband was found dead on the floor and no one could explain what happened. Very poor physician follow up if any. I highly encourage anyone considering this facility to look elsewhere.

  • Jml Care Center Inc Falmouth, Massachusetts 02540

    I just came out of this facility for rehab and I would not recommend it to anyone. There were many mistakes made that, as a former nurse, I picked up on. the PT dept was good but they appeared to be short staffed with nurses and calls were not answered in a timely manner. I was not given proper discharge information and my home nurse said she has never seen such poor paperwork from a facility like this. They also did not give her the info she needed.

  • Bourne Manor Extended Care Facility Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts 02532

    I find it extremely difficult to believe that you are giving this incredible place one star. I have family in here, and have seen the tremendous care that is given to each resident. People are treated with Dignity and Respect. Having inlaws in places which you have given 5 stars to, and being a volunteer, I have witnessed severe verbal abuse to residents that you rate 5 stars. Needless to say they were immediately removed.

    Bourne Manor is a very special place, where I have seen residents treated as human beings with dignity. Never an odor, or residents left untreated. The professionalism of the staff, the manor in which my loved ones, and myself as sole caregiver, who walks in unannounced at all times is 100%. This is very bad information to be putting out there, and I would be more than happy to meet with you one on one to discuss this false info that is being put out to the public. Especially when I see you rate 5 stars to homes that DESERVE only one, and/or the facility should be closed. This is outrageous. I can only tell people who are reading this review, that your loved one is in great hands, and I will be happy to put your mind at ease. I know when I first started "learning" about nursing homes that I believed in how the ratings work. All I can say is do your due diligence and know your loved one is, and will be very well cared for at Bourne Manor.