Review of Brinton Woods Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

5 Star User Review

My family member was there several times over many years and I would say that I personally have had nothing but positive experiences with this place, from the cleaning staff to the administrative team, this staff is the most caring compassionate and down to earth caregivers I have ever met. The facility is always clean, never has an odor and all staff are willing to help and answer any questions. My grandfather's roommate said nothing but how caring the staff was all the time with him, as he was more dependent for care then others and I depended on others observations to ensure that he was at the right place. Granddad was there when he could not live at home any longer and fortunately for him and my family, he was where he needed to be when he left this world. The staff went above and beyond to move him to a private room as he was actively dying to allow our friends and family to say their goodbyes. You really know who people truly are when you do not ask anything of them and they go above and beyond to provide a hospitality cart for all of us. The GNAs came in with heartfelt tears in their eyes and said their goodbyes and he looked at them with tears in his eyes and thanked them…there is not a day that goes by that in this difficult time of mourning his impending death, that I do not feel a sense of comfort knowing that those individuals and that team did not have to do or say what they did for him, but they did without even thinking twice. This is a place that I now volunteer at and see the same heartfelt and honest response to other patients that I now I saw in them with granddad. Thank you Brinton Woods Nursing and Rehabilitation Center at Winfield for going that extra mile and actually caring about the patients you take care of! I would recommend this place to anyone!!!!!