Review of Lorien Health Systems - Riverside

1 Star User Review

Your place is full of assholes that dont give a flying fuck about the care r self worth to the good ppl that go in beyond thier controll. The leace older in dirty dippers for hours when they ask to br cgange they are told to eat first that trays r being handed out.

They let iv go empty for hours still hooked in the arms

You cant walk outsidr for frrsh air you cant work out you cant listen to music you cant shower daily its twice a week really thats gross.

Then they tell yu you are getting outta bed ha then the nurses puts older on bed pan forgets them for hours till bed sore comr on they just really dont give a flying fuck about anything but how much money can the suck out of yu once that 108 days are over its bye bye no matter what this place is the worse ever n i have seen bad but this is unreal i will de downloading on utube any and all video i can take to let you see how the staff is i can bet u if u have love one here you will get them outta here maybe some can use in court so keep eyes on u tube for all update