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  • Future Care Chesapeake Arnold, Maryland 21012

    This place has the absolute worst management. I have to say it's a management issues because who is it that's in charge of holding the employees to standards? The overturn on their staff is like a rotating door. I have to micro manage every detail of my fathers care. Even down to a shower. I wouldn't recommend anyone to this facility. The only thing they have to offer is a very nice dining area. I know this line of work is very hard…but wow. My dad is young and still able to help himself a lot. And he's able to communicate to me what is going on. My heart breaks for all the other people at Future Care Chesapeake that do not have a voice in their care. Unless you can spend everyday with your loved one, DO NOT PICK THIS PLACE!! They will keep you in bed as long as they can, send you to doctor appointments without the needed equipment for the patient to be able to participate in the visit (even use the bathroom), rooms are dirty, aides are absent on their shifts (real life hide and seek game), complaints to management are a joke, medication checked off as distributed…but it wasn't, feces left on his butt because no one will come assist in the restroom when the help cord is pulled, no shower in 2 weeks, feces left on shoes and leg brace after a bathroom accident…..this is just a handful of things I can think of that we've encountered in the past few months. MONTHS NOT YEARS. Accidents happen but if this many "accidents" is happening in a few months, imagine what happens over the years of your loved ones elderly care. Very sad. Very unhealthy environment for elderly care unless your loved one is fully active and able to communicate fully….and in that case, how much care do you really need. I'm currently looking for a better facility. Praying we find a place of integrity.

  • Fairfield Nursing & Rehabilitation Center Crownsville, Maryland 21032

    7/14/16 My Mother in Law was a patient at the Fairfield Rehabilitation Center In Crownsville, MD. She was neglected and most of the staff we encountered was unprofessional and neglectful. One particular instance that happened was when my Husband called his Mother on the phone and he heard one of the Nurses say to his Mother "You sound like a Women but I don't know are you a Man or a Women"? My Husband spoke to the Head Nurse and she stated she would speak to the Nurse.

    When the Center called 911 because my Mother In Law "wasn't acting right at approximately 3:00pm no one in the family was notified as to what happened. When a family member (cousin) came to visit around 11:30am the next day

    she looked for My Mother In Law and asked where she was. A Head nurse stated "I hear you have some concerns and was not very pleasant. My husband and I had a meeting with the Head Nurse. She stated "We apologize for the what happened but we were busy and we forgot to call you". When we went to get my Mother In Law belongings they couldn't find them. I had to go look for them with the Nurse. They were in a closet with someone else name on the bag. Luckily I recognized the clothes in the see thru bag. My Mother In Law needed to be fed and encourages to eat. Many times her tray was left on her table untouched and she was not given any help feeding her. We were not happy with this place and would not recommend anyone bringing a loved one to the this facility.

  • Heritage Harbour Health and Rehabilitation Center Annapolis, Maryland 21401

    This place is horrible. The staff couldn't care less about their patients if they tried. They are horribly disrespectful, and most are immigrants who were given their cna as a pathway to citizenship, so it's all about the money.

    I am an emt school has been to this facility more than once and I hate that I know my patient will be returning to that facility.

  • North Arundel Health and Rehabilitation Center Glen Burnie, Maryland 21061

    My mother has been here 3 times. The first time was great. The second time not so good very lazy staff. The 3 rd time was the last her room mate died and they left her there all night next to my mother. Needless to say they put her in a private room the next day after I went off when I found out. The rehab lied to the patients famiky that passed telling them she passed that morning, when she died 11 pm. I contacted the family and told them. Prior to that woman passing she screamed for help for hours on one helped her. Watch these people.

  • Glen Burnie Health and Rehabilitation Center Glen Burnie, Maryland 21060

    Do not use this place for your loved one.My parent had several falls,black eyes,uti infections and the management made excuses instead of fixing issues.The nurse was observed hitting a man and when it was reported they said it was my word against hers.When I moved my parent they took over a week to gather necessary paperwork and we're uncooperative

  • Waugh Chapel Center Gambrills, Maryland 21054

    This place is great if you are ambulatory. If not, it takes a while to get taken care of. They have a nice building inside but rooms are not big enough if you are in wheelchair. They have been open a year but they still dont have enough staff for the size of this space. Food good when hot so if you eat in room, it's not. Distance between room and dining area is long. Beautiful courtyard.

  • North Arundel Health and Rehabilitation Center Glen Burnie, Maryland 21061

    My best advice to anyone considering North Arundel is to run and stay away. I've been there a number of times int the last few years and it just gets worse and worse. Beds are not changed everyday or even every 2 days and then only when 2nd shift comes in. Had one experience where my bed was not changed until 3rd shift. There are a few great nurses and aides there, but they are discouraged by the lack of help from the rest of the staff.

    Patient meds are not given on time or correctly. The facility is dirty. The food is horrible and looks like dog food. The dining room also serves as the recreation room and the tables are not cleaned before each meal. They are nasty. Patients are often given food that is not on there diet plan. If you go, take your own food.

    Even the doctors are surly and rarely take time to actually see a patient.

    If you love your family member or care about their well being, RUN the other way. Do not leave them there thinking they will get the care needed.

    The mortality rate is also high. Within a two week period that I was there, a patient died just about every other day and I'm not exaggerating, nor am I talking about patients there for hospice care. Patients fall out of wheelchairs and are not always checked for injuries.

    This place should be closed down immediately and Maryland, the health department, and the ombudsman should inspect it frequently if they are to continue patient care.

    If you want to get rid of someone, just send them there; guaranteed they will not last long.

  • North Arundel Health and Rehabilitation Center Glen Burnie, Maryland 21061

    Our father was in this facility for 3 months in 2015. He never received a pneumonia vaccine and got pneumonia 2 times while there. They had to cath him but never removed it to make sure it was sterilized. The bottle to empty his cath bag had mold in the bottom of it when that should be sterile. I have a picture to prove it. I watched his baths and his hair and feet were never touched. They had him on excederine migraine medicine for lung cancer pain. Even when he was at the end and had terminal agitation, his doctor refused to put him on anti-anxiety medication until he learned that hospice was called and put into effect. I could go on and on about this facility. If you have to put your loved on here, make sure you are there and question everything! We were lucky enough to be able to hire a lady to go in every day to sit with him, to bathe him and make sure he was cared for.

  • Marley Neck Health and Rehabilitation Center Glen Burnie, Maryland 21060

    This is the worst possible nursing home out of all of them in the area and my family member has been in and out of them for the past few years. Some staff try to do the right things but most don't know what they're doing. Everything is dirty and old. Surprised this place can stay open!!!

  • Fairfield Nursing & Rehabilitation Center Crownsville, Maryland 21032

    I have been in Fairfield Nursing Home for six months and I like it. The staff is very nice and helpful. There are only a couple of staff members that I don't care for but that's true of any facility. I was in a nursing home a couple of years ago and Fairfield is much nicer and more professional than the other one. Fairfield has gotten me approved for Medicaid where the other nursing home could not. This is a real blessing because I don't have insurance and don't have the means to pay for my stay. I have received very good care during my time here.

    My only real complaint is about the food. I don't expect gourmet meals and I know they have a strict budget but they could prepare food with more fresh ingredients instead of a lot of processed food. A lot of the residents, including me, have high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes as well as other illnesses and processed food has a lot of sodium, fat, and trans fat in it. For example, for chicken pot pie they use frozen pot pies like you can buy at the supermarket. Same thing with the salisbury steak and other entrees they serve. It is easier to just put them in the oven but it really doesn't take that much time and effort to make them from scratch and they would taste so mucg better. The vegetables sometimes come out of a can which is also high in sodium. Not good for people who have major health problems. Also, the kitchen staff does not pay attention to your food preferences and the instructions written on your menu ticket. I don't think they give us enough vegetables so I talked to the dietician about getting a tossed salad at lunch and dinner. Most of the time my tray arrives without a salad and I have to go to the kitchen and ask for one.

    Overall, I am happy here. I am not a permanent resident. I will be going home before long but I would definitely stay here again and would recommend it to friends.

  • Future Care Chesapeake Arnold, Maryland 21012

    Do Not Use Future Care Chesapeake

    I would recommend that anyone considering Future Care Chesapeake, in Arnold Maryland, look into any other facility and avoid a stay here.

    My father stayed at this facility first as a rehab patient, and then was held over as a skilled nursing patient. We had a lot of time to see what goes on there, and experience first-hand how bad things were.

    It is my family’s opinion that the very poor care received there resulted in my father’s hastened demise. We would never use this facility again.

    One issue is that the systems there are behind the times. They have no central computer system, and in fact all records are still kept in paper files on paper, by hand.

    Where most modern facilities have networked computers, they do not have any here. As a result, there is no fast or adequate means for oncoming staff to know the history of a patient. It often took long periods of time for staff to look up any information we needed at all on dads care. After Dad was there several months, the head nurse expressed surprise that Dad had a permanent catheter in! He only had it the entire time he was there! Even the head nurse didn’t have a clue!

    One of the worst issues is that Future Care Chesapeake is staffed adequately to provide acceptable levels of care.

    My family members witnessed many times when patients were calling “Nurse!” or “Help!” from their beds and rooms for long periods at a time, with no one responding.

    When we first arrived, we were told that a nurse or aide would respond when my father hit is “call” button. In the hospital it was true. Not so at Future Care Chesapeake. It was not at all unusual to wait an hour or more for anyone to respond to his call button.

    This was a real issue for my father. He most often would depress his call button when he needed assistance getting to his bathroom. For Dad, when he needed to go, he needed to go. Not an hour from then. The result was many humiliating and embarrassing bathroom “mistakes”.

    No one likes to mess or pee themselves unnecessarily. There can be no excuse for putting people in that condition if it can be avoided. If you want someone to want to die, then force them to pee or poop themselves, and then leave them in it. That’s what happened here. Its completely unacceptable to take so long to answer a patient’s emergency call button.

    The family was told that they were not allowed to help Dad to a bathroom ourselves, for liability reasons. Thankfully we learned to ignore that rule! Dad would have never made it to the bathroom on time if we followed their rules. We ended up setting a schedule, and had family members there many times a day, for hours a day, to make sure he was properly cared for.

    Dad also was able to call family members at home, and so we often drove to Future Care Chesapeake ourselves, to help Dad go the bathroom, because no staff answered his emergency call button.

    After hours, we often needed to find a nurse, and would walk the halls for a half hour or more and be unable to find a single available nurse or nurse’s aide! Over time, we took to doing as much of Dads care as we could, realizing that we could not get adequate care without us pitching in every day.

    In addition to inadequate staffing, here were many other serious issues at Future Care Chesapeake. Dad was supposed to get a shower once a week. He only received one shower in several months there. And that one shower was only after our very vocal complaint! We took to giving him sponge baths and shampoo’s ourselves as it was easier than getting the staff to do their jobs.

    Some of the staff was plain rude and some downright cruel. One of his aides simply looked at him and laughed and walked away when Dad asked for help eating, since his hands shook too much to raise food to his mouth.

    Other nurses there were caring, but just too short staffed to give good care. They did the best they could, but the result was not adequate.

    At one point, the Future Care Chesapeake staff gave Dad a brand new pain medication without consulting family. It caused Dad to go completely unconscious and to become totally unresponsive. Dad laid in this state for hours because the nursing staff could not find a supervisor to approve his transfer to the hospital. Luckily our family showed up and demanded an immediate hospital transfer. I doubt Dad would have made it through the night if our family had not been there to advocate for him. The aides were saying “he is ok” and slapping his face telling Dad to “wake up”! It turned out he had an adverse drug reaction and a MRSA bladder infection !

    Then there was plain incompetence or callous disregard for my Dad. Dad had a permanent catheter that needed to be changed every month. Otherwise infection was likely. We learned quite by accident that the staff had skipped changing his catheter for a whole month! When asked why, we were told that Dad had told the nurse he didn’t want it changed! While we don’t believe this, it doesn’t matter. It should have been changed, no matter what. It should also have been brought immediately to the attention of his family and doctors if he didn’t want it done because it was a critical, potentially life threatening health risk. Instead, no one was told! The Future Care Chesapeake staff knew that the family had a medical power of attorney, and yet no one mentioned this to the family, or to his charge doctor, or his urologist!

    Dad died not long after, from urinary sepsis, the MRSA urinary infection he contracted while at Future Care Chesapeake! Yes, died from a urinary infection, certainly made worse by his catheter not being changed as ordered by his doctors the month before.

    I would not recommend that anyone stay at Future Care Chesapeake, or leave anyone they love here.

    If you are not sure, I encourage you to walk the halls at Future Care. Listen for patients calling out from their rooms. See if you notice the odor of feces. And ask patients if they always get a response when they push the call button, and how long it takes to get help. There are far better choices available.

  • Glen Burnie Health and Rehabilitation Center Glen Burnie, Maryland 21060

    I believe this facility is very lacking in care. My friend has been in the facility for six days and has yet to see a doctor. How many times must one ring for help to go to the bathroom. How many times must one cry out for help and have no one come? Yet, I see girls on their cell phones and workers riding the elevator eating a snack or talking on cell phones. How very sad. I know my friend will not stay in this facility long as her family sees and hears all that I see and hear. There see a few workers in physical therapy who are dedicated.

  • Cadia Healthcare - Annapolis Annapolis, Maryland 21403

    My father has been in this facility twice. The first time, which was years ago, the cleanliness and level of care was much better than his stay in 2015. His room always seemed to be in disarray on my visits, and his bedding would be soiled until I alerted staff. The aides and nursing were mostly pleasant, and I commend the unit management staff for addressing my concerns immediately when presented with them. We did have difficulty with the laundry service (having clothes disappear). The nutrition of the meals left something to be desired as well. There also seemed to be a problem with theft from the rooms. Overall, I would not have my father return to this facility. We were both very satisfied during his first stay, but apparently, there has been a decline in standards in the years since…unfortunately. I hope they improve to their previous levels in the future.

  • Glen Burnie Health and Rehabilitation Center Glen Burnie, Maryland 21060

    I visited an old friend on the long term care wing. To my surprise, there were flies everywhere. There were half eaten trays on the counters. There was a man in the dining area asking to go to the bathroom while staff members stand by talking. There was a bag with water and coins in it hanging in my friend's room. When I inquired what was the bag for, a staff member explained that it was to repel the flies. I do not think it is working. I found the place dirty and smelly.

  • Glen Burnie Health and Rehabilitation Center Glen Burnie, Maryland 21060

    I would never recommend Glen Burnie Health and Rehab to anyone. I had my mother placed here straight from hospital for followup for her after a potassium deficiency that made her memory issues worse. She arrived on a Thursday and due to her condition I had taken her suitcase a head of time for her with her clothes and pictures of my dad who has passed to help her adjust. I went to see her Friday, no suitcase, Saturday, no suitcase, Sunday no suitcase. They told me there was no one in laundry to assist, I went to that building and told someone I insist they check and she called me back and there on the floor wide open was mom's suitcase incomplete tagging with a worker in the laundry room where they said no one would be on the weekend. So here my mom is very confused wearing other people's clothes cause she doesn't know any better. They had told me that nurses and aids would help her bathe, this did not happen, mom's confusion got worse, and then I took her out of there on Monday and found someone to be with her during day and she has gotten better. I realize nurses are busy, I saw nurses nodding off and the patients on this locked floor needed to be monitored. I left messages for the director of this location to contact me this never happened. I reduced the medicine that they gave my mom which is Ativan because she looked stoned there and this has helped tremendously, I believe they give the as needed medicine more to keep the patients doped up so they don't have to do much. This was my first experience with a nursing home and I will never have her in one without first going there where she would be. My mom was someone who took care of herself and her depression and anxiety for being in a place where people couldn't even give her her own things was too much for her. It has taken me a month to get her anxiety relieved and she is much better out of this lousy place. I am not impressed with Administration there since they could not return my calls either. Please consider somewhere else before placing at this location.

  • Fairfield Nursing & Rehabilitation Center Crownsville, Maryland 21032

    I was in Fairfield for rehab & Intervenous antibiotics because I had MRSA. I am amazed by the reviews I have just read. There was only 2 employees that I did not care for. The nurses day and night treated me respectfully and did their job well. The therapy, physical & ocpational were exceptional. They pushed me when I would have just given up. I definately needed the push. If I did not want to go to therapy they gave me some at my bedside. I left there doing very well. Unfortunately I had another bout with MRSA and had to have my hardware removed. I wish I could have gone back there for PT again. I'm not doing as well with the PT I have had locally. I would not give the food a 5star rate but had no real complaints. They did try to please. I would definately go back again and have recommended this home to oters.

  • Glen Burnie Health and Rehabilitation Center Glen Burnie, Maryland 21060

    I recently visited this nursing home because my sister in law was there for a short period of time. The place is horrible, the staff very disrespectful. The help are not professional, the food is not fit to eat. I would not recommend that you take your loved one to this awful place.

  • Fairfield Nursing & Rehabilitation Center Crownsville, Maryland 21032

    I am very happy that I chose to do my hip rehab here. The staff is outstanding and has been helpful in every way to make my rehab work

    six days after surgery they had me walking around without assistance.

    I would have to say Fairfield Rehab should be your first choice.

    Robert Kessler

  • North Arundel Health and Rehabilitation Center Glen Burnie, Maryland 21061

    My sister recently stayed at North Arundel Rehab center after her surgery. She was so drugged up with narcotics she became psychotic and suffered with hallucinations due to being over medicated. She stopped eating,drinking and became dehydrated and became septic after contracting a bacterial infection during her stay. She was left to care for herself while under the influence of heavy sedation, causing her to fall 5 times during her 2 week stay. If it were not for the constant oversight of her family, we believe she would have died within the last few days she was there.

    After confronting the staff and questioning them about her condition, their response was to advise the family that they did not notice anything abnormal about her condition. She ended up being rushed to the ER in an ambulance after falling the 5th time and passing out from slipping on vomit.

    On one occasion when asked about when her dirty sheets would be changed, we were told they did not have any clean sheets available at the time.

    I would not recommend anybody put a loved on in the care of this "so called" rehab center. This site does not allow one to enter "0" stars. It defaults to at least one star. Don't be misled -- I did not check off one star as my rating. This site automatically forces one star.

  • Heritage Harbour Health and Rehabilitation Center Annapolis, Maryland 21401

    This place doesn't sound like it's changed much in 8 years! When my father was brought to this "place" (I do not call it a health facility), the nurses were all at the nurses station just talking and laughing. This was pretty much true all the times we came to see my father. My father needed help getting to the bathroom (he had Crone's disease) and since no one was there to help, he tried getting himself up. They said he was a "fall risk" and told us that we had to take him somewhere else. Well, this was 2 days before Christmas! Where were we supposed to take him? We couldn't have him at home because we could not care for him. The social worker had no compassion whatsoever and made us feel like we just needed to put my father out with the trash. They agreed to have him stay, but my mother and I had to be there 24/7 because they would not be able to watch him. There were times when we just couldn't be there and at those times, they put him in a gerry chair at the nurses station and just ignored him. During his short stay there, the therapist tried to get him to stand up. He had a lot of pain and would not stand (could not stand). It wasn't until we got there and saw that his foot was swollen twice the size as normal and his gout was in full swing. I don't believe they had been giving him his gout medicine. Did they not notice the size of his foot? Did they not look at his record to see he has gout? We ended up taking him to Fairfield where he passed away a few weeks later. Fairfield was not much to look at, but the nursing staff was outstanding…caring not only about the patients, but the families as well. It just goes to show, you can't judge a book by its cover! I would give it a zero if I could.

  • Heritage Harbour Health and Rehabilitation Center Annapolis, Maryland 21401

    Think twice before allowing your loved one to check into this facility. Last night they allowed my mother to scream all night in pain and did NOTHING. At least have some compassion and if you not going to do something, call family so we could have come to her aid. This is unacceptable. I give them a "zero" rating.

  • South River Health and Rehabilitation Center Edgewater, Maryland 21037

    My 90-year mother was released from the hospital to this Rehab center after a bout of pneumonia. She took a turn for the worse after one day in Rehab and the staff were completely unhelpful. Requests for help were basically ignored and after less than two days we took her back to the hospital where she died a few hours later. Terrible service.

  • Glen Burnie Health and Rehabilitation Center Glen Burnie, Maryland 21060

    If you care about your loved one, DO NOT submit him/her to the lack of care they'll recieve in this place. Patient calls are left unanswered as nurses stand around the nursing station eating, laughing and having private conversations. The general lack of compassion is overwhelming. Animals receive more love and attention in a shelter than people do in this place. The facility is highly understaffed and the patients pay the price. Doctors to not return calls to family members. There are communication breakdowns between nurses and therapists. Patients are put into adult diapers and left in bed until they can be attended to. The lobby appears to be well kept but the actual hospital floors wreak of urine. In general, make sure you go talk to people who have family members in this facility before making your decison. I'm sure anyone going in or out would be happy to speak to you about the care their loved one is getting.

  • Heritage Harbour Health and Rehabilitation Center Annapolis, Maryland 21401

    I wouldn't put anyone I loved there if I'd had a choice to go elsewhere. This place is managed for profit, pure and simple. There are 12 full grown adults with varying abilities/disabilities per GNA. Does that seem excessive? It is! But federal law allows it so that's how HHHRC gets away with it. The same federal statutes allow for only 10 infants in diapers per federal child care worker, but somehow allows for 12 adults per employee?? The 2 good people in the Activities Dept both left under the mediocre direction of someone who had long ago taken the attitude of this is how I want it and that's how it's going to be done; the replacements are like lifeless drones This has meant that residents have been parked incessantly in the dining room for extended periods of time. I saw rough handling of frail individuals and rude talk abounded throughtout the facility. It is obvious that the whole facility makes its money off the rehab wing, for their treatment is marginally ahead of what folks on the upper level are given. The director however well-meaning, nonetheless gives lipservice to resident families and toes the company line. The general staff employees( GNAs, cleaning, cooking, laundry & transportation) are clearly underpaid. Question: would the mucky mucks down in Texas somewhere who own HHHRC, put there loved ones in such a place and would they be willing to give their hearts, backs and care for such a mediocre stipend? I could go on for my loved one was there for over a year, but I think you get the picture.