Review of Unity Nursing & Rehab Center

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This nursing facility is deplorable and the managers and staff are unbelievably bad. the staff are outside in front of the facility cussing and littering and smoking all day everyday. the management are ineffective and do not care. One resident lit another resident on fire fatally. Locals are aware that this facility is absolutely horrible and will not consider it. My rating is 0 out of 5. but in order to submit this review it makes me select and the lowest option is 1 out of 5.

Replies to This Review

Sounds like you must be a local, neighboring business owner? That's a shame that you put down your neighbor like that.

"meets state and federal guidelines" is your standard? According to this facility's most recent audit results, they failed to even meet guidelines, so grossly that residents were determined to be in "immediate jeopardy" as a result of the neglect of these experienced, highly educated professionals. This place is a dump and needs to be shut down. It is a rape of taxpayer money and the only person with any quality of life is the Administrator.

Reviews on the the staff outside the building seem highly subjective. The managers are experienced ,highly educated professionals who work hard to assure that each resident has the highest possible quality of life. I have known this community and this facility for over 30 years. I find that the staff cares deeply about the residents who live in that facility. According to records the facility meets all state and federal guidelines.