Review of Maison Orleans Healthcare of New Orleans

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If I could give zero stars to this place I would.

I was a resident there for 3 months.

The food is terrible. The nursing staff is sub par. They demanded money from me even though my medicaid was paying for everything there. There was no such thing as privacy. All of the activities are boring and they keep the residents over medicated so their all docile.

The place is also dirty. It is common to find residents who have messed themselves and it would be hours before the staff had helped them clean up. Soiled diapers were commonly found in toilets and left there for hours before someone came to clean it up.

They would have to be reminded and then hounded daily to change bed linens that were, according to them, supposed to be changed daily. They also claimed to do the resident's laundry for them. This was done, but clothing items were routinely lost or ended up in different patient's rooms.

The social worker did not know how to do her job.

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I wish I had read your review before I wrote mine. I left some things out. Our experience with Uptown (as it is now called) was not totally bad. Our patient was on the therapy floor. But I did omit that the social worker was far less than helpful, and discharge planning was practically non-existent. The social worker should have been a strong resource for us, but she was extremely hard to track down and usually didn't have any answers to our questions. She took no part in discharge planning that I am aware of. That was all left to a nurse who gave us no training and botched some of the plans and orders that were done. it is not the worst nursing home in the area, but it's trying.

I agree! My relative did not like this place at all. The staff are so rude. They yell at the residents when family is not around. I could hate to imagine the other awful things done to the resident. The elevators are dirty, the food is awful and yes it takes a long time before staff to attend to residents. According to a few staff the nurses and cna's are so unprofessional. I have seen the neglect and abuse, so I will be reporting…stay tune.