Review of New Iberia Manor North

2 Star User Review

I admitted my mom to the skilled nursing unit at Iberia Manor North with enthusiasm. Her first few days there were not bad. However, at week's end and going everyday, my enthusiasm turned quickly to disappointment. There were many shortcomings, starting with the CNAs. I look at the CNAs as the backbone of the nursing facility. They are the ones who interfaces with the patient's mostly, making sure they are fed, clean, assisted with transporting and bathroom. None of that has been happening and my mom has been there for approximately six weeks now. My daughter had to bath my mom when she went one evening as she was with an odor (not good), like she had not been bathed. She is continent of bladder and bowel; but when it takes almost an hour for assistance to come when called, she ends up with accidents. You can never find a CNA when you need one. I can write a book of the problems that they have. She gets therapy everyday but she went from walking with a walker to a wheelchair, and she can now barely stand. I addressed that concern of keeping her in a wheelchair, but nothing is being done. I must say, at this time, I am looking at options. I have listened to many of the residents complain about the lack of care and attention to there needs. Some of the staff seems to care, but I believe they are just not sure of how to handle these patients or what to do in the realm of geriatric care. These people have a different kind of need. There have been patients that have fallen, one being my aunt and the other, my mom's roommate. A survey needs to be done and given to the patients and/or their families, and administration needs to respond to the concerns.