Review of Pontchartrain Health Care Center

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I love Ponchatrain Health Care Center, they have an amazing rehab dept. It is the only Nursing Home I have ever walked into an NOT smelled urine. The resident are happy and clean. My grandmother says the food is great, and she loves the staff. Everyone is always friendly and smiling. It is always hard to place a loved one in a nursing home, Ponchatrain has made this transition easier for our family.

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My mother was at pontchatrain for a year and within that time I saw neglect of patients including my mother who was admitted to hospital after a catheter was left in her for 3 days without anyone checking it . She ended up with a nasty infection . After that I got her out . I wouldn't put my dog in that place !

Hello! Um…it is a nursing home…there are unfortunate smells on occasion but I think that will be the case at all nursing homes! Stop by and take a tour sometime and see for yourself!

We had a dear friend in Pontchartrain from January 2012 through March 2012 and had to get him out. The smell was unbelievably bad. I have actually gagged while walking through the halls! I have witnessed neglect of patients while visiting our friend. This place needs to be investigated. We made several complaints. But could not get out fast enough!!